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Guild Recruitment Info

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#1 draconusx


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Posted 12 September 2015 - 07:04 PM

Folks that either have or are starting up guilds for folks to play SCL please post your guild info here so that those interested can find you!


Please keep the guild recruitment info here related to Sword Coast Legends.

#2 LeslieWest_GuitarGod


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Posted 12 September 2015 - 07:48 PM

Tyrs Paladium

Guild Leader: LeslieWest_GuitarGod
Guild Contact: me :)
Guild Website: http://tyrspaladium...._game_id=126721
Guild Motto: "Play Hard, Laugh Hard, and Win, Together."
Guild Currently Recruiting: Yes
Current Guild Size: 41
Guild Size Goal: 100-125
Guild Type: Casual, Adult 30 Yrs+, Home of Old School DMs, tight-knit.
Guild Peak Time Zones: 5pm-2am Eastern. We have a world wide presence however, so guildies will be on 24/7.

Description: We are a 30+ years of age and older (27 to 70+ yrs is our current age range), no drama, no zerg guild, where everyone knows everybody. We are all about the camaraderie. We play to have fun, and lots of it. We allow you to play all your characters as YOU create them. Many in our guild have a PnP background. We are a patriotic guild that has been and still are home to many fine veterans who have served their country proud. If you exemplify a no drama, no zerg protocol, you'll make many friends in Tyrs. Guild drama rules are strictly enforced.

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#3 Ridrith



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Posted 13 September 2015 - 04:04 AM

Guild Leader: Ridrith
Guild Contact: Ridrith
Guild WebsiteHttp://www.ticguild.com
Guild Motto: "We like to pretend we know what we're doing."
Guild Currently Recruiting: Yes
Current Guild Size: 15-20 (30-40 when we're focused on a game.)
Guild Size Goal: 50.  We want to be like Cheers, where everybody knows your name.
Guild Type: Casual, Hardcore, Competitive, Adult 18+ guild.  Old school and new school DMs!
Guild Peak Time Zones: 4pm-1am CST (Central US).

Description: The Iron Circle is a Heavy roleplaying guild looking forward to the upcoming games Crowfall, EverQuest Next, Albion Online and Sword Coast Legends. It is meant as a sanctuary for the wayward role-player, a home away from home. It is meant to possess a relaxed atmosphere, a place for them to indulge in jokes and good humour. It is also a platform for their characters to perform; a stage for the drama, the comedy, and the tragedy that will be a part of their character’s lives. Our intention is to cultivate a membership of mature, intelligent and entertaining players who prioritize fun and camaraderie over strict progression. The guild is based off of a mercenary/adventuring group concept in a more traditional D&D sense.  We take part in PC and tabletop role-playing games, we have a 60+ player rotating game on Roll20 using the 5th edition of the world's most popular roleplaying game with multi-dms all playing in the same homebrewed world.  We prefer 'beer and pretzel' games but heavy role-playing games are just as much fun.  It depends entirely on the type of experience the players and the DM want to create for themselves.


(I'm using your template Leslie, I hope you don't mind!)

#4 Make_Cocktails_Not_War



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Posted 16 September 2015 - 11:28 PM



Guild Leader: Make_Cocktails_Not_War
Guild ContactMake_Cocktails_Not_War
Guild WebsiteWe Use a Facebook Group, shoot me a message and we'll get you added!
Guild Motto: "Win or Lose We Booze!"
Guild Currently Recruiting: Yes
Current Guild Size: Myself, but a few others will be moving over from other games!
Guild Size Goal: No specific size, we'll see how it goes...  B) 
Guild Type: Whatever type you want it to be really... We all LOVE DnD, and that's what matters in the end!

Guild Peak Time Zones: USA times, but European times (and all others!) are welcome!

Description: 'Win or Lose We Booze' is a Guild that was founded in Neverwinter, we also have a Skyforge contingent, and now we are rocking Sword Coast Legends! We are a merry group of guys and gals that are as at home in high-level gaming discussions, as we are in any hive of scum and villainy we find ourselves in...


We don't take ourselves too seriously, as we aim to have fun and game. We have our own Teamspeak Client, which has different divisions for the different games we play. We highly encourage people to participate there...


Our goal is to have as good a time as possible! We, of course, put a few back here and there, which can make our conversations span the spectrum so having a thick skin is a tad helpful! 


Either way, we'd love to have you, so pull up a stool, grab yourself a pint, and let's get to slaying some dragons to earn phat l00tz!  :D

#5 LeslieWest_GuitarGod


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Posted 18 September 2015 - 08:47 AM

(I'm using your template Leslie, I hope you don't mind!)

Not at all brother, best of luck on recruiting! :)

** This layout has worked wonders in DDO and Neverwinter, I use it in the guild directories I host in those games' forums. I recommend we all use it, it's a very organized way that's easy to read and find information.

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#6 Karpundir



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Posted 19 September 2015 - 06:07 PM

It looks like everyone will be using this format for guild recruitment, so I will do the same (thanks for the format, LeslieWest!).


Guilde Name: {QQ} RageQuit Mercenary Corp. (aka QQ Mercs)

Guild Leader: Rotorymaniac & Karpundir
Guild Contact: Rotorymaniac & Karpundir
Guild Forum Site: http://forum.qqmercs.com/forum.php

Guild TeamSpeak 3: ts.qqmercs.com (no password)
Guild Motto: A friendly and tight-knit "family" of gamers who have a lot of laughs
Guild Currently Recruiting: Yes
Current Guild Size: Approximately 35 active, 5 currently playing Sword Coast with more to come
Guild Size Goal: 75-100
Guild Type: Multi-Gaming; Casual with some Competitive (game dependent); Mature Gamers (21+ years old) ranging from 20s to 40s; MUST BE EASYGOING & HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOUR!; Strict NO D-bag policy
Guild Peak Time Zones: Mostly NA East/West Prime Time to Late Nights on weekends with some daytime activity


Description: QQ Mercs originated almost 3 years ago as a small, tight knit group of gamers who were playing MechWarrior: Online (we're all BattleTech fans). The name we created was meant to be a tongue-in-cheek joke and ended up being loved by everyone and it just stuck! As time went on, we garnered quite a following for our jovial, fun-loving culture and skilled gameplay. The Guild became serious once we hit about 25 members and began formal recruitment, leadership, started a semi-competitive team and operated a forum-site. Today, many of us are still playing MechWarrior: Online, but are also involved in other games. We are highly anticipating playing Fallout 4 co-op and also patiently awaiting Star Citizen's beta release where over 40 members have bought pledge packages well in advance.


What we look for: People who are mature and easygoing. We respect each other and others in the community, but we still throw jabs at each other out of good fun! Show true disrespect and you are out, so there IS a line to our often uncensored craziness!

#7 Bluddworth


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Posted 23 September 2015 - 10:04 PM

Gaming Community:  The UnNamed Gaming Community

Contact(s):  Bluddworth

Forum Site:  http://unnamedcompany.guildlaunch.com

Team Speak 3:  Access Granted Upon Registration (Capacity = 50)


Guild / Company Name:  The UnNamed Company

Alignments:  N, CN, CE, NE ( for my campaign only; community membership can role play any character / alignment).

Company Motto:  "On Coin, Blade and Pain of Blood" (Oath of Loyalty)

Company Logo:  http://file3.guildla...IST_400x400.png

Recruitment:  Yes

Current Guild Size:  15 - 20 Just for Sword Coast Legends

Total Gaming Community Size:  64


Description:  Casual, Mature, Experienced gamers.  Multi Game, Multi Platform gaming community.  Very active community, especially on Wednesday - Sunday.  North American Times Zones, with some military members in Oceanic / Asian Time Zones (Korea, Japan, Afghanistan).


Goals for the Game:  To form groups / teams that can be counted on to have fun, play fair, play well and be creative.  Moderate Role Playing is a Plus, especially in developing interesting characters and creating campaigns.  




#8 degarmo



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Posted 28 September 2015 - 12:40 AM

The Last is now recruiting new folks to enjoy gaming with.

We're looking for folks that are mature minded, 30 years old and up, who understand respect, honor, friendship, loyalty and of course, maturity.

We're all longstanding gamers, and MMO veterans.  We understand that real life comes first, and it's our philosophy that fun is much more important than achievement.  We're looking for folks that will become friends that we all can game with, without any of the pressures of more hardcore-style guilds.  

We are currently not a large guild at all, and we're not interested in folks that want to be the big fish in a small pond.  Essentially, those folks just don't fit in with our senses of humor and our general philosophy as a guild.  We are always looking to build new relationships with folks that are looking to find in a guild what we are looking to find in members.  We love gaming, and do like to get to as much in a game (if not everything) as possible.  We love teamwork and take pride in doing things well, without necessarily doing them in the "standard" way.  We're not interested in a lot of status symbols, but we would like people to remember us as folks that are good to group with, fun, and as those that they would like to group with again.

If you'd like to take a look, come to www.thelastguild.com and read through our FAQ, Code of Conduct and browse the site.  We'd be happy to have you.

Warm regards,

The Last

#9 fydon17



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Posted 22 October 2015 - 04:39 PM

hi im looking for a guild and i have the game ,, i got the delux addition and i try talking to people and noone seems on this game , anyone can assist me in getting a guild or a group to play in

#10 Bluddworth


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Posted 25 October 2015 - 08:43 AM

hi im looking for a guild and i have the game ,, i got the delux addition and i try talking to people and noone seems on this game , anyone can assist me in getting a guild or a group to play in

You are welcome to join my Steam Group, link is in signature.

#11 fydon17



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Posted 25 October 2015 - 05:42 PM

ty im in

#12 uhhson



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Posted 04 November 2015 - 03:11 PM

Looking for guild to play with on a regular basis.  PST, 30+ years of age.  Stream ID: dnisk (pic is me riding my road bike)





#13 leemel69A



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Posted 07 May 2017 - 10:54 PM

Hey i would love to join your guild but it seems like i cant sign up.

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