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Sword Coast Legends: Code of Conduct

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Posted 06 February 2015 - 05:23 PM

Hey gang! Welcome to the Sword Coast Legends forums. Here is a bit of info that will help make the Sword Coast Legends community an exciting and informative place to be. Banning individuals isn’t something we like to do, but we will escort you out if you continuously violate our very simple rules. Above all else, these forums are to be used for good, and not evil

  1. RESPECT: We know that we’re not always going to agree on everything (this is after all the internet). Feel free to disagree with anything you read on the Sword Coast Legends Forums. However, we’d love it if you kept your heated conversations somewhat courteous, polite, and cool.     
  2. BULLYING: This goes hand-in-hand with respect. Our forums are a place of understanding, players with disabilities, handicaps, language barriers, etc. should not be targeted negatively in any way. There is a zero tolerance for bullying in our forums. Picking on or pointing out other’s flaws is anything but constructive and we as a community need to focus on the feedback given and embrace everyone equally.
  3. POSTING:  Use our forums to talk to us and talk to each other in an intelligent respectful way (see Rule #1) that encourages interaction and thoughtful discussion. Stay on-topic, constructive and use descriptive Topic titles. Please do not RAGE POST, have misleading Topic titles, post spam, advertisements, unreleased Design Council information, pornography or any other inappropriate, offensive or irrelevant content to the Forums in text or image form. We will delete it, and if you don’t stop, there will be consequences as per our warnings.
  4. LEAKED CONTENT: Please do not promote or share leaks in the forums. If you are concerned about leaks please contact the N-Space staff. Continued posting of leaks/rumors will result in a warning point if the action continues after initial contact.
  5. TROLLING: While trolls are quite intimidating and have incredible regenerative abilities, they also live under bridges and can be quite cruel. Don’t be a troll. You know what we mean.
  6. PROFANITY: Freedom of expression is awesome, but some words are only used for evil and not good. See #1.
  7. PRIVACY: This one is huge gang. Do not publicly post any form of real life information of yourself or another user in the forums. Real life information includes, name, phone number, address, email address, private/email message content, personal pictures, I.P. address and anything else that may identify you or a user to the community in some way.
  8. COMPLAINTS : if you have a complaint about a user, report the issue; if you have a complaint about how your behavior on the forums has been moderated, send the Admins/Mods a private message. We will do what we can to sort out any issues.
  9. BUMPING:  it is not condoned, but all cases of bumping issues will be handled case by case determined by the nature of the thread.



Warning points are categorized as either major or minor infractions. Warning points are to be issued based on the most severe infraction (for example, spamming a racist image would be considered a major infraction - abusive behavior). Warning points are issued on a case-by-case basis and are subject to the discretion of our community moderators. Warning points are similar to strikes.

Acquiring warning points will result in the following forum restrictions


3 warnings points = 3 day suspension + 30 day moderation queue.

4 warnings points = 7 day suspension + permanent moderation queue.

5 warnings points= permanent suspension (forum ban).



Examples of Major Infractions (Permanent Warning Points):
Inappropriate Language
(swearing and profanity, racial slurs, derogatory language, etc.)
Abusive Behavior
(insults, malicious trolling, harassment, abusing the report function, etc.)
(posting malicious/vulgar links, repeated minor infractions in the same day after receiving a warning, other infractions not accounted for.)

Examples of Minor Infractions (30 Day Warning Points):
(purposefully posting the same message multiple times, posting off-topic images/text, creating threads to link/promote other threads, blatantly unproductive posts/threads, etc)
Signature Violation
(Including an image or lengthy text signature in posts.)
Topic Bumping
(replying to a topic with the sole intention of moving it to the top of the page.)
Misleading Thread Title
(Creating a thread with an inflammatory, misleading, or otherwise inappropriate title.)

Examples of Benign Infractions (No Warning points):
Posting a thread in the wrong sub-forum
(feedback in General discussion, off-topic in Introductions, etc.)

Forum Post Guidelines:
Due to the large volume of posts we receive every day, our mods have the right to delete posts and threads that:

- Have bad or misleading titles.
- Do not facilitate discussion.
- Are off topic.
- Contain any of the infractions listed above.

The best way to ensure your posts survive and thrive is to ensure your posts are clear and productive. If your post is deleted, please continue to participate in community discussions, but make sure you have adhered to the forum post guidelines.

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