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Death Of D&d

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Posted 20 August 2017 - 01:09 PM

Im not understanding why in all the D & D online games gnomes have been pretty much excluded from them.  Gnomes were one of the first original races in D&D so why remove them? I watched a few dev vids from this game and they made the comment that gnomes were not one of the original races. I think they need to go back and read thier lore again. Tieflings where not brought about til the mid 90's yet this game brings them out before the gnomes. Just trying to figure everyone's  thinking out. Sounds like a bunch of BS to me. About as bad as when WOTC/Hasbro moved from 3.5 to 4.0, that was a friggin joke! I used to love playing D&D games and anymore its about worthless. Need someone to create a game that isn't just point and click, with the original D&D setups from 1st-3.5 ed. Make the games mind challenging as well a physical without all the glamour crap like WOW or pay to win stuff. Make people think and react to content instead of "lets see how fast I can level and one shot the boss." The MMO games are all the same anymore. There is no real building your character up and building their history anymore. its all about "we need tanks, healers or DPS.  You can't join us because your gear score or DPS is not high enough!" or "I need to reach level 10000 to get in to this dungeon". Need to make a game that is able to incorporate all levels of characters. who cares if you spend time killing large rats or a couple of kobolds for a while as long as you have good content and game play. Make a game that is turn based for encounters only. That way it follows the pen and paper style of initiative and allow free roam for exploring the areas. All game companies need to stop investing big money in game trailers and put it into making a great game instead. The graphic quality of games have went up a great deal but the game play just keeps dropping! Maybe I'm just getting too old for peat and repeat MMO crap, probably should just stick with pen and paper. Just food for thought. 

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