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#92818 Patch Notes: Community Pack Two 12/03

Posted by [NS]Ash on 02 December 2015 - 03:00 PM

*UPDATE* Full list of placeable objects added to the link below.


We're giving you, our fine *forum folks, a bit of an early look at our Community Pack Two patch notes! These will go live on the web & social at a later date, but here they are for you in all of their splendor. I'll also be sticking around this thread for a few hours this afternoon answering questions and such. [note to other mods - leaving this in general for a bit before I move it to the patch notes section]


Patch Notes – Community Pack Two


Community Pack Two is almost here and we’re incredibly excited to deliver another helping of the community’s most requested features! Here are some of the major changes, additions and fixes coming to Sword Coast Legends in CP2.



Drow [New Playable Sub-Race]: Players can now create characters using drow elf sub-race. Players who choose to roll a drow character will also gain access to unique the drow specific racial abilities of faerie fire and darkness. Lolth the Spider Queen will also be selectable as a deity for players who don’t like to play nice.



Death Changes: Numerous options have been added to alter the impact of death and dying in SCL.


·         Stabilize Improvements

o   Stabilize will take longer to perform (about 50% longer) and will now have a visual bar to indicate progress 

o   Stabilize will now be interrupted if the player performing when the ability takes damage (This can be disabled from the options menu).

·         "Hardcore" Options

o   Option to disallow Stabilize during combat.

o   Option for party wipes in Dungeon Crawl games to reset the dungeon and completely return players to the party camp (This can be enabled from the DM Board in the camp while setting up your dungeon).


Loot Changes: We’ve added individual loot as an option! Now you can pick up and keep anything you find without feeling guilty about it. Players who prefer traditional D&D shared loot can play that way too. Players will now be able to choose which type of looting that they would like in their games. The new option of individual loot means that players will only see items that they themselves can pick up and will not see the option to loot items designated for other players. In multiplayer games, players will see which looting option has been chosen by the game host in the server browser. .


New Placeable Objects: Over 170 new placeable objects [full list link] have been added for Dungeon Masters to use in their modules – Some exciting new objects include:

·         Mystic Circle

·         Inn Table

·         Scurrying Spiders

·         Impact Crater

·         Ruins (Pillar)

·         Stockades

·         Large Smoke (Black)

·         Keg Rack (Four Kegs)

·         Hanging Shark

·         Consecrated Ground

·         Door Collapse


New Area (Village): Multiple versions of a large seaside village have been added for content creators to use in their modules. This village also includes multiple interiors.



New Placeable Visual Effects: Content creators will now be able to add a variety of visual effects to their modules such as fire, smoke, spiders, mist and more. You may now create your very own apocalyptic scenario!



Ambient NPC Text: Dungeon Masters now have the ability to add ambient text/dialog to NPCs.  This works exactly as it does when assigning ambient text to objects.


Tile Customization:  You can even customize small city sections by swapping entire buildings in or out, adding or removing access to interior areas.  DMs now have a tremendous amount of freedom to customize tiles within their dungeons. While editing modules, simply enable “Prefab Swappers” from the new Gizmos menu, and blue D8 dice will appear near art elements you can customize.  Right-clicking on these D8s will allow you to choose between the different options. Another cool thing is that players can also use this to customize zones/areas.  For example, if you choose “mountain A” and get a random mountainous area instead of the cabin, you can toggle over to the cabin without leaving or reloading.  You can also customize small city sections by swapping entire buildings in or out, adding or removing access to interior areas.


Quest Changes: Dungeon Masters can now lock and unlock locations depending on the state of a particular quest. For instance if the player completes a quest to escape the burning village the dungeon master would have the option to remove that location from the player’s map.This can be done automatically without the need of a live DM.


Bug Fixes: Hundreds of bugs have been squashed since out last major patch on 11/23. Here are some of the highlights! are some of the highlights.

·         The player stash will no longer devour player’s items

·         We forced the new Sabre-Hide Grizzly boss to eat lettuce for a week. As a result he can now fit through doors

·         Fixed a collision issue in Drow boss tile

·         Fixed item: Sunrise Cloak from using Favored Enemy

·         Fixed camera issues in the Grasslands S tile

·         Selecting an object closes the blade menu

·         Zoom should once again work properly during character creation

·         Fixed the double-fade that would occur after sparing a certain enemy’s life during the story campaign

·         Fixed a delay that occurred while talking to a certain halfling in the warehouse during the story campaign

·         Quest marker has been added to Ship Rethnor Sailor home on minimap

·         The texture on entrance/exit to slums has been fixed

·         Bodies in Slaver’s Hideout no longer disappear after leaving and returning

·         Fixed various “double fade” bugs in the main story campaign.

·         And many more!


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#82911 Mh's Workshop: First Scl Modification Successful

Posted by Mad.Hatter on 05 November 2015 - 12:46 AM

*Update* I have successfully removed level scaling and am running demonstrations. Shoot me a PM to check it out!

*Update2* Now with custom world map functionality by Prodigy!


I have finally modified SCL game data with the help of a few friends from other modding efforts. I'll eventually release a workflow so others can modify the game as well, along with by-file type instructions. Unfortunately, I have made zero progress on module files, which is my main priority (since that would require a lot less work for the rest of you all to mod than the game data).


For now I just wanted to see if I could successfully rip the SCL assets apart, edit them, and then re-insert my modified file. There were existing tools to do this with textures and the like, but none to work with text or data. I decided to start with some Story Mode dialog:




Important to note:

There are several dozen files that are in the same format as the dialog files. These include things like ability information, level layouts, and many game rules. Assuming no hardcoding of stats in the actual .exe, I could theoretically create a community standard, non-scaling game tonight using the file I passed off to Eldarth for parsing. That will be on the test list.


Things are looking up ladies and gentlemen!


And placeable bosses/custom creature sets by [SCLN]zapgun!




Custom world maps by [SCLN]Prodigy!

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#106029 Rage Of Demons On Track For Release

Posted by [DE]Drew on 04 May 2016 - 02:51 PM

I'm pleased to confirm that Rage of Demons is still coming. I don't have a date to share yet, but I said I'd share whatever information we receive. We're still trying to finalise our release date for XB1 and PS4, then I hope to have more to share on RoD and the future of SCL. 



Rage of Demons is now scheduled to release before SCL on consoles, and will be coming within the next few weeks. I'll try to continue the updates on here as we get closer!

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#104664 Goodbye And Thanks!

Posted by [NS]Ash on 29 March 2016 - 10:05 PM

There is no easy way to put this, but today was my last day at n-Space. I went ahead and turned over my "keys" to the various social channels, so after tonight I won't be the individual running them. 


Where to begin?
I'll suppose start off by giving a sincere thanks to everyone in the SCL community. Your passion for SCL (even if you hated it) really did push the team to make the game better and I was proud to advocate on your behalf. As someone who has been playing and loving D&D his entire life, being the CM for a D&D game was a dream come true and I really will miss reading through the various forums and threads here on a daily basis.
As for what is going on with n-Space, I'm afraid that really isn't my story to tell, but I'm sure info will come to light soon enough. I honestly don't know the status of SCL on console or Rage of Demons at this time. We'll all have to wait and see together.
As for myself, I have some good news! I'm going to be a father in about five short weeks. My wife and I are both healthy and happy and are excited for whatever happens next. I was planning on taking some paternity leave in early May, but now it looks like I'll have some extra bonus time added to my stay-cation. In the meantime, I plan spending more time working on content for my site http://www.nerdappropriate.com/ (which is what I was doing before SCL). If you like hearing folks talk about video games and pop culture, definitely drop by the site (I do some fun interviews as well).
As I won't be running the SCL Twitter, please give me a follow on Twitter @NerdAppropriate if you want to keep in touch.
Oh yeah, for those of you that enjoyed our weekly streams, they're not dead! I do plan on streaming again once things calm down. It won't be on the SwordCoastLegends channel, but I have every intention of playing games and eating strange foods from foreign lands with you all again.
Again, thank you guys for being a huge part of my dream. Onward to a new and different future!


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#104837 Gamers Are Furious Over This Man's One Weird Trick!

Posted by [NS]Tony on 30 March 2016 - 09:09 PM

Hey all,


So how's it going? Heh. Eh. Hmm...


Since n-Space hasn't released anything official I won't comment on anything official other than I do not work there anymore. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who fought for SCL to grow, improve, through whatever means you may have employed. Be it harsh criticism or lavish praises, it was nice to have a community to gauge reactions, pluck ideas from, and overall inspire each other to be better. Another thanks to Ash for setting down the guidelines. 


I have a big heart for forums and a bigger heart for sharing, which you guys let me do. When people were asking if we were going to deliver a roadmap, I gave them some information on how I made the sounds for the sad wolf deaths are from my own dog and that I did not beat her. When customers were wondering if we would ever add Druids, I said how about that dynamic music system? Did you notice it increases intensity based on the each encounter's perceived difficulty?! I didn't always have the info people wanted, but I'm grateful to those who recognized it for what it was. I just wanted to impress you guys. I just wanted to show a bit of the passion we have. I wanted to say that even when there is nothing I could have officially commented on,  that there were really creative people trying their darndest to wow you.


Everything I ever said I was trying to do, wanted to do, had plans for was absolutely true, as did for the rest of the team which would include everything CP3. We came short on what the DM tools were supposed to be at launch and we desperately wanted to be vindicated. There was no vindication budget, and the two packs we did release were on our own time and our own dime. On a longer timeline and with more resources we could have gotten this game so much closer to where people wanted. And imagine the sequel! Sheesh. And about that...


We would have learned so much from SCL1 that SCL2 would have no choice but to succeed. And I know this to be a fact because the work I did on Rage Of Demons, as did the others on the designs, the environments, the enemies, etc is so much smarter and focused and shows growth for us. We all strive to perform but really we all strive to learn. The day I stop learning is the day I go do something else. That's the saddest thing really is the potential. Yeah, there were mistakes and early steps were shaky but I wouldn't have a 12 year old girl today if I rejected her for eating crayons and pooping rainbows when she was 1. But this isn't family, it's business right?


Pardon me, I've been in a melancholy haze recently but I'm looking up. I'll jump into some freelance work if I can and start the hunt for employment elsewhere. I've met some amazing people here who really dug what I was trying to do. n-Space gave me a lot of freedom to direct the audio how I saw fit and it's a personal victory to get a pretty good consensus that it was good. Just remember that it wouldn't be nearly as good without the rest of the team's work. Their creativity, ingenuity, and drive was my launch pad. They inspired me as did this community and I'll take it wherever I go next to build myself upwards.



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#83642 Announcing: Sword Coast Legends Next: A 5Th Edition Conversion

Posted by Mad.Hatter on 06 November 2015 - 01:00 PM



I've hinted on the forums over the last few days that I have something cooking in the oven. And by cooking I mean like Breaking Bad levels of percolation. I'm kind of like Walter White, except I didn't feel bad killing any of those peop... I mean except I'm dealing in happiness and D&D instead of crystal meth.

If you've been following my various threads, with the help of nSpace ([NS]RossGardner) and a couple of excellent compadres (notably zapgun and Eldarth so far), I've been able to disassemble and can currently edit pretty much every aspect of the game. For all the haters out there--nSpace created a game that is actually less hard coded, and more easily modded than Neverwinter Nights. Seriously. And eventually I'll show you all how to do it.


Now to the news and the reason for posting. I am not personally a guy who needs SCL to be a 5th edition adaptation, but since that is one of the biggest complaints I've read about a game I happen to adore, I've decided to do something about it.


Why am I reading this?


I have created a modding group made up of an Avenger-esque collection of crackshot individuals and will add additional people to expedite the modding process. We have zapgun, who teaches Unity and game design at the university level. We have Eldarth, a professional developer with 40 years experience. We have NightFox, who is rather mysterious but is very knowledgeable about Unity and was actually exploring SCL's internal structure on the downlow (he's currently reverse engineering module data files for me). Finally, we have Prodigy, who has worked with Unity and has visual/graphic experience. Others have expressed interest and will be added to the team in various capacities.


Our first project is titled "Sword Coast Legends Next: A 5th Edition Conversion" (SCLN). I selected the title because Next really revitalized the D&D brand and stripped it to its core before building what I consider to be an excellent table top game. SCLN aims to do the same for this computer game.


What will be SCLN's scope?


My modding group has received a five pronged primary directive for SCLN:

  1. We remove level scaling completely per the 5th edition Monster Manual and create a guide for DMs regarding the use of the current assets. (High Priority)
  2. We rescale all abilities to be in line with non-scaling stats. We can't have PCs doing a billion points of damage if monsters now have 1-12hp per HD. (High Priority)
  3. We edit the loot parameters and the actual loot tables to provide a better approximation of 5E itemization. We can't have PnP monster stats if PCs are running around with fully stacked SCL itemization (High Priority).
  4. To alleviate what will then be a suddenly apparent dearth of assets, we see if we can't manipulate the data already in game to access creatures who are fully stated out but don't have finished 3d/animation assets (orcs, derro, banshees, etc.). This might be as simple as changing a few variables to force derro to use halflings, orcs to use hobgoblins, and so forth. Who knows? (Medium Priority)
  5. We check to see if action timers can be adjusted. (Low Priority)

I know that 1-3 is doable and just requires the editing and testing to make happen. 4-5 are being looked into as low-mid priorities.


How would this mod work for me (the enduser)?


I want SCLN to be as easy to use as possible. We need to do tests but from what I understand, all these mods should be effective so long as the host player has them running on their machine. This means PnP minded DMs can deploy the mod and have their players connect no hassle.


We will deploy our mod in two ways if we get full permission from nSpace, (1) a full download of the edited asset bundle that contains everything done for you (roughly 2gb before compression) and (2) I will release a step by step community guide and a couple dozen megabyte large patch for you to manually build your own asset bundle.


You would backup your existing game data should you want to play an unmodified game and with each new patch from nSpace either redownload the new bundle from us or repatch your game files using an updated patch. If nSpace loves me like I love them, they'll move all the json/xml files I need to make this project happen outside of resources.assets to streamingassets to make the download a few MB large rather than GB.


You're a wizard MadHatter and Friends, what comes after SCLN?


To support SCLN and make it fully usable we will then move on to creating a series of modules with actual level recommendations for you to enjoy the rebalanced game. We will develop these modules internally and reach out to nSpace staffers and the best community module builders to solicit their submissions as well. The goal being a full subsection of balanced modules.


A rebalance of the story mode is something we may look at, but is likely outside the scope of our project. For now.


We are also looking into many of the features requested by the forum. We've already extracted the world map and should be able to put a few minutes in to replacing it in game with a custom map (we think our module series will be set around the Dales, because frankly Myth Drannor is pretty cool). We've already identified where and how creature sets are defined. I've read the skill tree file and feel confident that is totally customizable. We're working with nSpace to understand how levels are stored to make tile by tile a possibility. zapgun and I in particular would love to create a Very Hard Mode mod, because we find the game too damn easy. The sky is the limit.


What can I do to support you?


We are investing the time and effort into this to make a mod that we hope enhances your enjoyment of D&D via the Sword Coast Legends medium. I've spent countless hours the last weeks since launch trying to understand how nSpace did what they did. I stayed up with zapgun until 7am last night excitedly going over everything in the world. We have an excellent team of talented people and a community who has been nothing but supportive of my efforts.


Please give credit to nSpace for creating an immensely modifiable and technically solid platform. Their technical design choices and 5e framework make this mod possible despite the use of the Unity engine. They have been generous, open, and supportive of my essentially violating their EULA. Please go advocate for the game across the various channels you influence. Each sale of SCL is a step toward more content. I'm in this game for the long haul and I hope you're excited for what comes "Next".


Ta for now,



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#105205 Psa: Sword Coast Legends & Digital Extremes

Posted by [DE]Drew on 04 April 2016 - 05:26 PM

Hello Adventurers, 


I'm from Digital Extremes, and I worked behind the scenes with Ash to help establish some of the foundations for the Sword Coast Legends community. We (Digital Extremes) are still sorting out what we can do and what the future of Sword Coast Legends will look like. If you're familiar with Forgotten Realms, maybe you remember the Time of Troubles - we don't yet know how the pantheon will be reformed. Our focus right now is on the console release, which is still moving ahead as of right now, then we'll see about the next steps after that. 



So what am I doing here and what can we accomplish in the meantime? At the very least, I can continue the work that Ash started and support these forums. I'll relay any information that I receive and keep all of you in the loop as best as I can. Some of you noticed that I consolidated several of the subforums - I did this so I can track them easier, and I have plans to open up some more forums in the near future. Please, feel free to continue to use these forums to discuss all things Dungeons & Dragons.

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#86232 Community Scl Key Giveaway!

Posted by [NS]Ash on 13 November 2015 - 01:39 PM

Look under your chair! You MAY be getting an extra SCL key.


As a big “thank you” to our community, we are randomly issuing Sword Coast Legends Steam Keys to active community members to share with friends and family. Players don’t have to do anything special to be eligible and will be randomly selected through auto-magic. Good luck!


Note: Keeping this post live in general for a while and then moving it over to news/announcements.

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#106272 Rage Of Demons Has Reached Sword Coast Legends!

Posted by [DE]Drew on 18 May 2016 - 10:48 AM


Venture into the depths of the Underdark, through the trading outpost of Mantol-Derith, and fight alongside the legendary Drizzt Do’Urden!


Rage of Demons is a free DLC expansion for Sword Coast Legends that includes hours of new story content;

new Dungeon Master options; a new playable race: Tiefling; and a new playable class: Warlock!

Warlock Features:

  • New cantrip - Eldritch Blast
  • New spells - Finger of Death, Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, Hex
  • Unique archetype abilities - Dark One’s Blessing, Hurl Through Hell, Create Thrall

Tiefling Features:

  • Hellish Resistance - All Fire Damage reduced by 50%
  • Hellish Rebuke - Flames surround the caster, reaching out and burning any creature that attacks for the next forty seconds.
  • Darkness - Magical darkness spreads from a point within range to fill a three-yard radius sphere for the duration.

Dungeon Master Features:

  • Two new tilesets
  • New monsters
  • New placeable decorations and objects

Gather your party and prepare to delve into the Underdark, before the Rage of Demons consumes the Sword Coast! Available now on Steam*.

(*Rage of Demons content in English only) 

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#91261 (~ U P D A T E~ 1/31) S C L - R V1.21 (Ambushes)

Posted by Prodigy on 26 November 2015 - 12:34 AM

This is the official thread for SCL Reborn.  SCLR is an attempt to offer a rebirth of the traditional table-top approach to D&D.  Through major revisions of classes, monster modifications, greatly extended quantities of spells and abilities (all that are intended to function as true-to-form as possible), enhanced RP support through proficiencies, and many more planned mods, I hope to provide you with an experience that is as in-line with 5e PnP as possible.  See below for direct link to latest release. 


Fixed Stats, NPCs, Monsters, MORE! 
Updated 1/31/16



v1.21 Minor Update (Added Ambush Modifier, Trigger)

In this release, I have presented the current WIP of the Ambush Modifier and Ambush Trigger.  To use it, you must apply (either in Creature Set edit, or in the Character edit), the Ambush Modifier (Look under the Character Modifiers abilities).  This will add the Ambush Modifier, that prevents a character from being seen, or from attacking, until and unless a hapless adventurer stumbles over an Ambush trigger, which you will find in the Tricks, Treats and Traps menu (at the bottom).


It's been fun, and I hope you've enjoyed the extra little something I've tried to provide.  Thank you for your time, your support, and at times... Well, just your tolerance for my shenanigans. :-)  






V1.2 Update (Fixed stats, NPC Set, Monster Set, MORE)



v1.01 Update



v1.0 Update (Rogue Complete, DM Effects, No Scaling, More!)



v0.42 Update (CP2 Update, SCL Separation, Rogue Started)



v0.41 Update (Installer added, Removed PvP)



v0.4 Update (Cleric Reborn, More Spells, Fixes)



v0.3 Updates (PvP, full-friendly fire)


v0.21 Updates (New Spells, Revised Cooldowns, minor fixes)

As always, comment, suggest and criticize to your hearts content, I will listen!

(Devs, please feel free to close the other "Class Mod" threads, and I will begin editting this one.)

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#86344 My Flow Chart For What To Do Today

Posted by jocolloman on 13 November 2015 - 04:25 PM


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#98948 January 2016 Scl Update (Cp3 And Rage Of Demons)

Posted by [NS]Ash on 07 January 2016 - 01:51 PM

Since the launch of Sword Coast Legends on October 20, 2015, we’ve released two Community Update Packs on schedule. These community packs were entirely free and consisted of highly requested features, such as: playable drow elves, companion skill trees, hundreds of new placeable objects, additional monster abilities, character respecs, and much more (info here). Some elements of CP3, such as the introduction of mod support, were actually introduced earlier than expected. (here is a link to the mod forums for those who were not aware - https://forums.sword...modding-corner/)

When we published our State of the Game back in late October our intent was to release another free community update pack in December of 2015. December has come and gone, so where is CP3? At this point, CP3 is currently on hold while the team focuses on the Rage of Demons expansion, which now includes some bits we had originally thought to package with CP3.

We understand that people will be disappointed by this decision, but Rage of Demons is quite large and boasts a brand new adventure complete with new areas to explore, new placeable objects, a new playable race (Tieflings), new creatures, new bosses, new spells, a new playable Warlock class, WASD movement and much, much more.

Apologies for any frustration or confusion this has caused. Development is fluid! Know that the best is yet to come for SCL. We can’t wait to share what we’re working on in 2016!


Attached are the first public screen of Rage of Demons!






















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#101881 Free D M V1.0

Posted by Prodigy on 31 January 2016 - 03:49 PM

FreeDM (yes, "freedom."  I know, clever, huh? ^_^ )

Release: 1/31/16



EDIT (by Draconusx):  I know the link above provided by Prodigy no longer works and there have been many folks asking where do download.  Please see the post about a central location for mod links to download his and other mods.  https://forums.sword...itory-for-mods/


FreeDM is a modification with the sole purpose of removing some of the base limitations that DMs have, without fundamentally altering the game itself.  Other mods, such as my SCL-R and Mad.Hatter's SCLNext have sought to bring some fundamental re-balances or even redesigns to SCL.  FreeDM does not take that approach.  FreeDM leaves all of standard SCL intact, while removing some of the shackles on the DMs.




This is the first and only mod that I personally recommend for everyone.  With this mod, you should experience no changes to game-play, but will have access to create and play adventures with content that is not available with standard SCL.

  • Content Creators (DMs) -- You will find a substantial amount of new content and options to help make your adventures even better.  This includes those who create modules for non-DM play!
  • Everyone Else!! -- You will have the correct files needed to view all of this new content, without alterations that would affect your actual gameplay!


Here is a brief run-down of what is included in this mod:

  • Over 40 new placeables, including corpses, decorations, furniture and foliage.  (Identifiable by an asterisk (*) near the name of the placeable
  • A set of over 100+ NPCs for you to use to populate your world.
  • A set that gives access to nearly every enemy in the game, in a single creature set!  This includes Bosses.
  • A placeable (and, yes ThugraKhotan, a deletable) Beholder enemy!
  • Character Modifiers--When creating a monster or NPC, you will have access to a new category of "Character Modifiers" to help spruce up and individualize your character in new ways
  • DM "Treats"--Triggers that bestow blessings upon your adventurers!
  • DM "Tricks"--triggers that bestow curses upon your adventurers!
  • Ambush Trigger!--In combination with the Ambush Modifier, this will allow you to stage ambushing NPCs that will only appear and attach should a player stumble over the placed ambush trigger.  
  • New Weather--The Fog, Dense Fog, Downpour, Blizzard and Tempest weather effects are available!



Thank you for your patience in awaiting this release, and I hope it brings an extra bit of enjoyment to both creators and players alike.

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#85924 Patch Notes: Community Pack One *live!*

Posted by [NS]Ash on 12 November 2015 - 06:29 PM

The issue some players experienced with cantrips after installing CP1 has been fixed internally and will be patched tomorrow morning (EDT). Thank you so much for your patience and sorry for the headache!
Community Pack One will be live before you know it (11/13)! Here are some patch notes highlighting major changes, additions and fixes coming to Sword Coast Legends. In case you missed the news, Sword Coast Legends will be dropping a number of free content patches in the coming months to enhance the Sword Coast experience for players and DMs alike. 
Companion Skill Trees: Players who complete the various SCL companion quests within the player campaign will gain access to unique companion specific skill trees for use on their characters.
  • The new trees include: Necromancy, Carouser, Stalker, Minion of the Dark, Favored of Sehanine, Shield Bearer, and Deception.  
  • Note: There are slight differences to these trees to avoid duplicate abilities.
  • Note: A tree is only available if the player’s character is the same class as the companion. For example, you have to be a cleric to get Illydia's tree, or a Wizard to get Hommet's tree. 
  • Note: These new trees are tied to achievements, so anyone who has already done them will be able to immediately use these new trees.
  • Note: These trees will remain unlocked on a player’s account once they gain access to it.
New Monster Abilities: Over 100 monster abilities have been unlocked for use by the DM. 
  • New ability categories include: Drow, Beast, Undead, Abberation, Goblinoid, Duergar, Cultist, Giant, Gilded Eye, and Demon.
  • Some memorable abilities include Growth and Troll Regeneration!

New DM Items - Nature Set:</strong> Dungeon Masters will gain access to a sizeable blank nature tile to use and decorate as they see fit. It should now be entirely possible for players to create unique wilderness areas.

  • There are over 170 new nature objects that DMs can place, including…
  • Bushes: 14 different bushes for use in DM Mode/Campaign Creation.
  • Rocks:  26 different rocks for use in DM Mode/ Campaign Creation.
  • Trees:  52 different trees for use in DM Mode/ Campaign Creation.
  • Logs:  18 different logs for use in DM Mode/ Campaign Creation. 
  • Mushrooms:  18 different mushrooms for use in DM Mode/ Campaign Creation.
  • Flowers:  20 different flower types for use in DM Mode/ Campaign Creation.
  • Stone Walls: 11 Different stone walls for use in DM Mode/ Campaign Creation. 
Ability Respec: Players will now be able to reset their character’s abilities… for a price.
  • By visiting the Retraining Dummy, players will be presented with a menu that has each of their unlocked Party Members along with the price to reset that character’s abilities. 
  • As re-specialization is a major decision for every hero, refunding one’s abilities will currently cost 500 gold per ability point spent (Only full refunds are available, you can’t refund a partial number of points). 
  • The re-specialization dummy can be found Inside the Player’s Party Camp.
Player Stash: Is your bag of holding finally getting full? We have a solution! 
  • The existing Guild Chest has now become a Stash for players. Non-quest items the character is carrying around can now be added to this stash and accessed later. The stash has a limit of 100 item slots, but no weight limit. All entitlement items will now appear in your stash when you start the game as well. 
  • The Stash operates similarly to the Vendor UI players are already familiar with. You can double click to add and remove items from your stash. You can also now destroy items from within your stash. Note that these items will be gone FOREVER, so please use with caution. 
  • The stash is account based, allowing players to trade items between their characters if they so wish.
Skill Rolls:Players can now roll skill checks that take their modifiers into effect. 
  • Do you want your players to /roll DEX to jump over a fallen obstacle? Or how about allowing your fighter to /roll STR to shove the obstacle out of the way? Now you can!
  • Basic Roll is just /roll (rolls a single d20) but There are a multitude of different rolls that players and DMs can use in game to enhance their live roleplaying experience. 
BUG FIXES:Hundreds of bug fixes are included in CP1 including, but not limited to the following...
  • Fixed being able to use the world map to travel between levels at any point.
  • Fixed custom Mercenary Leaders reverting to a character named Bronn(while Bronn is gone for now, he will likely return... with a vengeance).
  • Fixed bug that caused a blocker in the “A Trader’s Fate” sidequest that occurred in co-op.
  • Lowered the default frequency of character barks on action/movement.
  • Fixed double fade issues in numerous conversations.
  • Fixed bug where Illydia could disappear from the party (goodness gracious!)
  • Fixed bug where user could get double gold when they sold or bought an item which caused their gold amount to go negative and then never be able to buy anything again.
  • Fixed issues with restore points causing potential blocks in quests.
  • Fixed bug where if an attack is still hitting enemies when the player dies it respawns, the enemy aggros on the player..
  • Fixed issue where longer quest conversation text could cover a client’s Continue button
  • Fixed issue where the title would enter an unresponsive black screen when user clicked reload after a party wipe occurred and auto-saving was turned off.
  • Fixed bug where secret doors could be highlighted before they were perceived by players.
  • Fixed nav issue where players could get stuck on the ruined tower in Luskan Gates
  • Fixed blocker in co-op story mode which happened in “The Contact” quest which occurred after completing “Defeat the Gilded Eye Members” objective and speaking to Soronil.
  • Fixed the issue where every Duergar townsperson was set as a vendor in DM mode
  • Fixed issue where the UI would not update after changing the hotkeys for abilities on the quickbar.
  • Fixed issue where an ambush trigger on specific tiles had collision
  • Fixed issue with Howl at the Moon quest where if you are stealth by the alpha wolf and click on the cart the quest breaks.
  • Fixed issue with The Special Pie in the “The Dented Amulet Quest” not being marked as a quest item, potentially allowing the user to sell it.
  • Fixed bug where “Chaos Breaks Loose” quest doesn’t update if the user enters Luskan from the Sewer.
  • Fixed issues with quest icons appearing before/after they should in a small number of places.
  • Fixed bug where clients would not see conversation when opening portal in Rhylfang’s Lair
  • Fixed the bug where clients could not access Golgamann’s shop
  • Fixed bug where Hommet’s Melf’s Acid arrow could not be used on the gate to the sewer.

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#104161 Belaphoss The Mad (Statue Modification)

Posted by draconusx on 18 March 2016 - 11:44 PM

A while back I had mentioned that when I finally got my statue I had intended to texture the base as I just didn't like the flat black and wanted more character to it.  I've had several requests for pictures.  Now I'm no artist, and it has been years since I've painted anything but the walls in my house so this took a couple of days and I'm honestly not 100% satisfied with how the "fiery cracks" turned out where his feet are but I about reached the limits of my artistic ability so here it is.














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#93387 Thanks N-Space For Cp2

Posted by idjester on 04 December 2015 - 09:10 PM

Thanks for community pack 2... Just know that all of your hard work and efforts are greatly appricated...



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#84822 Mh's Workshop: First Scl Modification Successful

Posted by Mad.Hatter on 10 November 2015 - 12:35 AM



Our man Prodigy is a FREAKING WIZARD!!!



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#104947 State Of The Game And Moderation Of Forums

Posted by draconusx on 31 March 2016 - 05:35 PM

I reached out to DE and so far there isn't anything that anyone there can say other than what was issued to the press already.  (I'm sure there are several moving parts and they will need time to get things figured out.)  As to folks saying the game is dead, well unless DE plans on adding content to the game I certainly believe that much like any other game it will have a limited shelf life, but it is only dead if folks stop playing it.  For those that are having fun doing so, keep playing!  (And for those that are not...I will say sorry you're not having fun with it, even though I never had a hand in its creation.)


Until I'm told otherwise I'll continue to pop in here and continue with moderation duties.  And the moment I hear anything else about the game, be it console release, RoD or what have you, I'll let you guys know.

As before I'll continue to moderate things in the way Ash asked me to, I just ask that folks keep things mature and respectful. ;)

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#104660 How About A Hand For Draconusx !

Posted by LeslieWest_GuitarGod on 29 March 2016 - 09:56 PM

Thank you for your tireless work moderating these forums. Great job  ;)

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#104661 How About A Hand For Draconusx !

Posted by draconusx on 29 March 2016 - 09:59 PM

Thank you, and thanks to the rest of the folks here.  It has been a fun and interesting experience thus far and most folks have actually been pretty nice and respectful.  I appreciate you kind words Leslie! :)

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